Movies, Memories, & Conversations on a Thursday Night

Can a Town and Country minivan be considered a PRTEWGN?  I’m thinking no.

So I saw The Hunger Games and I actually liked it.  {Although I’m guessing I didn’t like it as much as the girl with the 5′ tall bow and arrow did.} Quite a surprise if you know what sort of fiction I like.

Today’s lesson: Proper brain function is difficult to achieve on just Diet Coke and M&Ms.

Beau: “Let’s look at bugs.” {With his new magnifying glass from Grandma Cindy.}

Me: “Eew…” {Really, I’m not bug squeamish…}

Beau: “Mom, we’re not eating them for dinner.  We’re just going to look at them.”

Me: “Thanks for clearing that up Beau.”

Eerie is when a book synopsis sounds very familiar to your own family.

Amusing is roaming “Men’s Apparel” on Pinterest.

I just learned they are remaking The Great Gatsby {thank you Pinterest.}  I am very excited.  The casting is right on.

I don’t consider myself a math person at all, but I do work with numbers all day long.  {I frequently dream about numbers too.} There is a method to number madness, and it surprises {and frustrates} me when other number people don’t see it.

Funny how a scent instantly brings back random memories.  Tonight while getting Beau out of the bath, the scent of bathwater brought me back to weekends at my grandparent’s lake house and getting cleaned up after an afternoon playing on the beach.

Happy almost Friday to you!



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    What is a PRTWEG?

    I used to drive a T&C wagon. I loved it and didn’t care that I’d become a mom w/ van because I could take naps in it.

    I loved HG. Go see my blog– great photo of me and Glimmer when I was her teacher on All My Children.

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    Love the bug conversation – not unlike many I have in class with my little ones when this time of year and the inevitable bug hunt roll around! And totally agree about the random memories – a smell, a word, a picture, lots of different triggers but love it when it happens!

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