Self Portrait in 6 {p52}

Woman, Wife, Mother, In that order…  Wonders when she’ll feel grown up…  Loves, loves, loves her boys… Ever the optimist, not always easy…  Hated math in school, likes numbers…  Still looking for perfect camera bag…  Can’t believe someone calls her mom…  Wants to be Juliet without dying…  Loves the stillness of Iowa snow… Books over television, music above all…  California girl at heart, misses ocean… Loves desert, asks why in July…  Writing in third person, wondering why…  Dreams of KitchenAids, Purses, and Cameras…  Can’t imagine life without flip flops…  Attempting to jump off into potential…  Hardest to forgive herself, hates it…  Could live on pizza and nachos…  Not a question,  Cy over Herky… Still learning to love her hair…  Watches football for the tight pants…  History geek, bookworm, loves cooking shows… Knows it will all be okay…  Could go on and on and…

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge{ Self Portrait }

{SOOC.  This is exactly what I look like at 7:18 PM. No fixes. No retouches.  I’m tired from a 50-minute commute home and a trip to the gas station; my glasses have left pink spots on the sides of my nose; the wrinkles under my eyes are clearly visible; the blemish that literally popped up overnight on my cheek is in plain site; whatever makeup I started the day with is long gone.}


    • lizzi says

      Thanks Darcy!

      I’ve come to the realization that pretty much anywhere I go, with the exception of Ames, I’m in the minority. Oh well…

  1. says

    Isn’t it interesting the flaws we find in ourselves…that no one else even notices? That is one gorgeous self photo :) Visiting from Project 52.


  2. says

    Hooray! Great photo! I think you look great and so natural and relaxed. You are so photogenic! The camera loves you… Sounds so cheesy :) Really. It just looks like a moment out of your day-not staged. I love that!!
    Dusty Coyote recently posted..Friday’s PhotoMy Profile

  3. Wendy H says

    Fabulous, as usual! I WANT this photo really badly. It’s awesome! The true you, and a beauty through and through.

  4. says

    Lol – I’m reading along thinking what a wonderfully insightful piece and then I came to the part about football and tight pants and cracked up laughing! It’s definitely one of the very nice things about the sport and what got my daughter to finally watch football!
    Lisa recently posted..Sunday Salon – February 5My Profile

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