Late Night Reading

Late-Night-ReadingI don’t know the last time I read a book for myself that wasn’t on an electrical device.

I’m pretty sure it was Black Water, years ago.

It feels so good to turn paper pages.

To read by the soft glow of lamplight.

To hold the heavy weight of words.

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It’s Friday Evening And This Is What I’m Thinking


I’m currently obsessed with this song.  It reminds me of my childhood. First grade was the year of dance/gymnastic routines set to Off The Wall and Thriller, performed live in our living room. And this song.  It just makes me want to dance. If you can’t rearrange your life much, rearrange your office.  I expect…

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Dear Beau… {1}


Dear Beau, You were out like a light by 7:30 tonight.  I’m surprised you lasted that long tonight.  We spent most of the evening in your bed reading Magic Treehouse and coloring. It was sweet and quiet and peaceful… and we don’t do it often enough. –Mom P.S. – No zombies in the hall tonight.



Pre-eclipse. Because I value my sleep. Because it is constant comfort. Because it’s so pretty when it’s full and lights up the night. Because it looks so delicate behind whispy clouds.

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