The Week In Review {3}

After having received this from work I didn't feel guilty about not going in. It may not look like much, but when the average rainfall is 8" and we're getting 3" in a matter of hours, it's a whole heck of  a lot. We were cool and dry inside, so it … [Read more...]


Arizona – 6:07 PM

My exciting Friday night. It was just me and Beau, lounging on the living room floor, watching TV. We may or may not have watched all episodes of Sam & Cat. I was happy to ignore the need to tidy up before the weekend. Lazybones all the way … [Read more...]


The Week In Review {2}

I spy a bird's nest. Walking to these power lines is a bit like walking to the ends of the Earth for me. Like a no man's land. Except, right by a main road. Wanted: Kitchen Fairy Must work for free. Actually I don't mind housework that much.  … [Read more...]