It’s Friday Evening and This is What I’m Thinking…

Why did I let Beau buy a whistle? Really, why?

No Clutter ⇒ Less Cleaning ⇒ More Free Time  ⇒ An Amazing Formula For A Happy Life

Friday afternoon at the pool is the life.  (And it would be awesome to not have to play lifeguard so I could snooze for a bit in the warm sun.)

Friday Pool Day

I got just as excited about a new planner as I did my new phone. The in between generation… Generation Analog Meets Digital

I’m loving this… “Live Large and On Purpose.”

It’s Friday night and Beau is playing shool.  (I think he’s using his walkie talkie to direct classes to the different dismissal lanes.) What happened to watching Full House on a Friday night?

Buttermilk Pie is my new favorite dessert.  And since they only sell buttermilk in quart containers I’m on the hunt for more buttermilk recipes. Or I may end up making lots of pies.

I know I’ve said it before, but really, how hard is it to be a nice person?

So I’m reading Shadow of Night (it’s so good!) It’s definitely not a book I’d normally pick up.  Books about daemons, werewolves, and witches aren’t usually my thing – you know, because they aren’t real.  Anway, I love this line from it “The twelfth century not good for you, and we allowed you to read entirely too much poetry.”

Some people may get older, but their maturity levels will never catch up.

A little less condescension in stores would be a good thing.  (Verizon, I’m talking to you.) Best Buy, you rock.

Beau to me: “Cheese with alfredo? Who are you?” in a disgusted voice.  Apparently he has no clue who I am.  Cheese is always a good thing.

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