Beau Talk

Beau: “I am just awesome.”

Me: “You are.”

Beau: “No offense mom, but you are bad at parking in the garage.”

{Gee, thanks son…}

Beau Talk

Me: “At least tomorrow is Friday.  Getting closer to the weekend.”

Beau: “Oh my god I never knew that.  Ugh, it makes my head hurt.” {Said with such drama.}

{You know how it is with no school, all the days run together. However I’m not sure why the impending weekend makes his head hurt.}


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Summertime Storms

Because I know one day I’ll want to remember this… School’s over. Summer’s here. I’m bummed because that means no more uniforms and school lunches until August. But it does mean a break from homework.  (Amazingly enough we got through the entire school year with just 5 uniform shorts and 5 uniform shirts and one…

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I finally did the the thing I never thought I’d do. I got a tattoo. Somewhat impulsively too. For a while I had been thinking, “yeah, sure one day I’d like a tattoo.” Really though, even now I don’t think I was serious. It was more of a “yeah, I’m totally cool with people getting…

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Late Night Reading


I don’t know the last time I read a book for myself that wasn’t on an electrical device. I’m pretty sure it was Black Water, years ago. It feels so good to turn paper pages. To read by the soft glow of lamplight. To hold the heavy weight of words.

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